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Product Detail

HTN-4 Abstergent LS


HTN-4 Abstergent LS


Quality index

Appearance Beige brown powder
pH value  7-8
Content of active substances ≧65%
Diffusibility 100±5% of standard substance
Washing force be colse to standard substance

Application property

It is soluble in water, resistant to hard water, acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, resistant to general electrolytes and boiling. But it cannot be used in hypochlorite bleaching liquid. It is of very good properties on lime soap and dispersion, washing, penetration and foaming. It is also of good emulsibility, leveling and softness. 

Recommended dosage

Detergent washing of woolen fabric: 1-2g/L

Soap boiling: 1-1.5g/L

Assisting dyeing: 0.2-0.4% of the weight of fabric 


25kg Compound bags

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