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Product Detail

Cationic modifier of drilling liquid HTY-2


Cationic modifier of drilling liquid  HTY-2


Chemical composition: cationic quaternary ammonium salt polymer
Quality index


Colorless to light Yellow thick liquid



PH value


Viscosity (CPS/25℃)


The product can promote the modification of oil drilling liquid to improve the slurry stability, can inhibit the hydration, swelling and dispersion of fiction shale; has the role of stabilizing wall, with good resistance to temperature, salt and sloughing.

Recommended dosage

Add0.5-5% well drilling cation modifier to 5-10%slurry, swelling rate can decrease 50-80% and plastic strength can increase 2-4 times.

Packing and Storage
200kg plastic drum.
Stored at room temperature, Storage period is one year.

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